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Full Bathroom Remodel

The average American spends anywhere between 10-30% of their week in the bathroom getting reading and using the toilet. The look and feel or even the technology in your bathroom can become outdated quickly over time. Maybe you don’t need a new look but need more storage space or more functionality. Maybe your bathroom just isn’t meeting your needs or it is just time to remodel what already is. Inland Empire Remodeling INc. can give you a complete bathroom remodel without the hassle. We will remove old materials and fixtures and replace them with beautiful options that you select! Call Inland Empire Remodeling today for a free in home estimate. We care a great selection of walk in tubs that are far less than the competition can offer. Your new bathing experience is just a phone call away.

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$500 Off Bath Remodel

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$1,000 Off Full Bathroom Remodel

What You Can Expect From Us


Design Consultation

We will schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experts where you can share your vision with us.

Design Service

 We will design a mock-up of your new bathroom with your vision in mind. 


This sound much scarier than it is. We will remove all of the old products you choose to get rid of. We will handle all necessary repairs needed for installation of your new bathroom fixtures and product.


From the floor to the walls to the bathtub and shower. We will will rebuild your entire bathroom with beautiful and quality products you select. Allow us to make your dream bathroom come true!

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